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Get the Results by Improving Your Brain in Golf

You’ve taken many lessons from golf pros but you’re still left wondering, why am I not performing at my best in golf? Why is my golf game suffering? You’ve certainly practiced your golf swings and worked hard to improve your game. Have you thought about what emotions may get in the way of playing golf at your best? You then realize that it’s not only difficult to relax, but that you lack the Mental Edge tools necessary to perform at your best. Perhaps, it’s your “nerves” that get in the way? Dr. Sam Sterk’s book offers concise, easy-to-follow exercises that result in mastering the Mental Edge Skills in golf. Each chapter of the book has a major Sport Psychology theme and exercises to master a theme. For example, chapter three explains the power and benefits of using Visual Imagery in golf. What follows are tools to master the use of Visual imagery and ways of including it in your pre-shot routine.

Another chapter is on ways to increase your Concentration while playing golf. It’s not uncommon to lose one’s focus, in the face of making golf swing errors. Dr. Sterk offers tools to improve one’s focus which results in improved swing outcomes. All total, there are seventeen chapters. Thirteen of these chapters pertain to accomplishing Mental Edge Skills in your game of golf. The other three chapters describe burnout, coaching and bullying. The chapters on bullying and coaching should prove interesting to golf instructors. The easy-to-read Mental Edge Skill Chapters include some fill-in exercises that help you improve your game of golf. Yes, it’s very plausible and realistic to lower your golf handicap, be more confident and have more fun in your game of golf.

If you executed a swing that resulted in an error, have you ever wondered how to get beyond your own self-criticisms? Also, note that in the midst of a game, when a golfer criticize himself/herself, what frequently follows is a loss of Focus. Were that to continue, the results of your golf game would be rather shabby. However, using Stop Thought Techniques, helps golfers refocus, move on and be more confident in their golf game. Chapter Four discusses the use of Stop Thought techniques, how to stop self-criticisms in the midst of a game and how to regain one’s focus and confidence. It’s easy to see how this tool can be so important when you play golf. Finally, there’s an easy-to-follow book that helps golfers achieve their Mental Edge Skills. This book will help to put the fun back into your golf game.

A Guide For Sport Hypnosis Techniques and Strategies

This Book teaches Hypnotists to intervene and help athletes by bringing both the best of Hypnosis techniques as well as techniques drawn from Sport Psychology. The content in this book helps Hypnotists have expanded techniques that help athletes achieve Mental Edge Strategies in their sport. One of the chapters is about how to conduct an Assessments with athletes. Another chapter focuses on working on Goals. Visual Imagery has been discussed as a way to achieve heighten Laser Focus. Minimizing distractions, which are either internal or environmental, also help to maximize one’s focus, so essential for solid athletic performance. The use of Stop Thought techniques is crucial. If an athletes is overly cautious, has inner self doubts about his skills, is lacking in Self-Confidence or has negative self-talk, how will this influence the athlete’s performance? The answer is all of these dynamics contribute to and result in a poor performance. Utilizing Stop Thought Techniques reverses poor performance into solid and commendable performances.

There are ways to stop overly cautious or negative thoughts dead in their track, which in turn results in stellar performances. The readers will learn how to accomplish this by using Stop Thought techniques and substitute Positive Self-Talk. Athletes need to learn how to manage their energy levels. The readers will likewise learn how this can be accomplished. The reader will also be introduced to ways to enhance Concentration, Self-Confidence, the use of Cue word to increase one’s energy levels, how to increase Mental Toughness, and how athletes can develop Competition Plans. In summary, the concepts and techniques taught in this book are essential for the Hypnotists who wish to expand their knowledge and techniques of working in the field of Sport Performance Enhancement.

WIN! Get the Mental Edge Skills in Martial Arts
Improved Martial Arts Performance with Mental Skill Training

Do you ever get nervous before competition or a belt promotion? Have there been instances when you’ve lost your Concentration or Focus? When you lost your Focus, can you recall the types of thoughts and emotions that you had? When you’ve lost your Focus, could you refocus quickly or did you find that hard to do? Do you have a competition plan and ways to turn negatives into positives? Are you injured and are coming out of an injury? Are you missing in ways to control your emotions and thoughts during competition or a belt promotion? In competition or belt promotions, do you have a hard time managing your energy level?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you’ll find this book very helpful to you. Getting the Mental Edge by learning Mental Strategies helps the child, the adolescent and the adult martial artist build Performance Self Confidence, Focus- Concentration, have Positive Self-Talk, overcome Injury, set Goals, use Cue words, utilize Visual Imagery, have an effective Competition and Belt Promotion Plan and to be able to monitor Energy levels for an optimal performance.

The book-manual provides exercises, strategies and tips to learn Psychological Skills and achieve the Mental Edge in Martial Arts competitions and Belt promotions. And what’s great about this book is that you’re able to write in it, enter your own notes and answer questions as you develop your own Mental Edge Skills.

Sammy’s Journey

Is a memoir, based on Sam Sterk’s early life is now available on paperback, as well as Amazon Kindle.

Meet Sammy, a ten-year-old child suffering from life-threatening asthma and parental abuse. Numerous yearly hospitalizations create hopelessness and raises serious concerns about Sammy’s long-term fate. His parents read an article about a facility in Denver, CO and decide to apply. Sammy is accepted as this institution only accepts the most serious asthma cases worldwide. A difficult challenge presents itself when Sammy leaves his family in Israel to reside in this Denver, Colorado asthma facility.

Once there, he’ll attend school, learn English, live in a dormitory with twenty other boys, journey towards understanding his feelings, and develop better coping skills. For the duration of his treatment, he will not have any face-to-face contact with his family. Considered to be a Parentdectomy, one wonders how will he adjust to so many changes in his life? Will he find inner strength to cope with being away from his family?

Asthma is considered a disability, especially chronic intractable asthma. Find out how Sammy battled and overcame his asthma by ordering Sammy’s Journey Today!

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I have used Peak Performance Plus for weight loss, and a sleep disorder. The results were extremely satisfying. I will continue to use, and refer my friends and family. Dr. Sterk was particularly helpful using Hypnosis to help me take off the weight.
Chris Richardson
Staten Island, NY

June 13, 2016