Navigating the world of insurance benefits and disability can be almost impossible, but with the help of Miriam Sterk, the results I desperately needed came very quickly. Miriam understands the intricate workings of the insurance industry, and is able to explain them clearly, so that I could easily choose the best course of action for obtaining the surgery I needed, as well as my Long Term Disability. Miriam Sterk is a lifesaver, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. Tanya Young
I have used Peak Performance Plus for weight loss, and a sleep disorder. The results were extremely satisfying. I will continue to use, and refer my friends and family. Dr. Sterk was particularly helpful using Hypnosis to help me take off the weight. Chris Richardson Staten Island, NY
Miriam Sterk LCSW C-ASWCM additionally was very helpful and resourceful in doing a Case Management Assessment for my elderly mother-in-law for an appropriate placement and living arrangement. Their Older Adult Global Case Management Assessment Profile and Care Plan were very accurate in identifying her specific needs for care, support and placement.” Miriam Sterk LCSW C-ASWCM has represented us as a Healthcare Advocate in appeals for denials of health insurance coverage. She was very successful in getting our denials overturned! Bobbi M. Scottsdale, AZ
Miriam called me every day and sometimes more often than that to provide me with comforting, common sense solutions to locate adequate placement for my mother. Miriam provided emotional and spiritual support, as well. Miriam’s vision, common sense approaches and always positive attitude are both inspirational and uplifting. Her wit made me laugh when I was at low ebb. Karen Lee Davis RN CCM
I highly recommend Miriam Sterk LCSW at Peak Performance Plus for counseling, case management and healthcare advocacy. She has helped me immensely in finding the right job in my field and the best healthcare plan working through all the fine print and obstacles to find the best coverage. Always there when I needed her and she is an excellent counselor as well. She has a lifetime of experience in the healthcare industry and is amazing! M.C. Phoenix, AZ
Miriam Sterk LCSW C-ASWCM, was very helpful and resourceful in assessing my elderly mother for appropriate living and care arrangements. The Older Adult Global Assessment Profile and Care plan was very accurate in identifying her specific needs for care, support and placement. Bobbi Malin
After months of dealing with a denial from our health insurance company and getting know where, I contacted Miriam. In a matter of a few months I learned the tricks of getting a claim paid and had resolve. Her expertise of knowing the right people, professional letter writing and the correct way of even mailing letters and documents was so important. I was told by the health insurance company to fax everything. (WRONG) I was so grateful for her help and will never go through this on my own again. Paula Schulman
Dr. Sam Sterk helped me achieve Peak Performance Plus in my sport of swimming. In fact because of his professional approach to Sports Improvement I was able to get a NCAA full scholarship in swimming. Thank you Dr. Sam. Dawn Smith Prescott, Arizona
Dr. Sterk has exceptional skills in Sports Psychology, and presented material in a professional yet relaxing manner. It was an honor and pleasure to work with Sam, as he is extremely knowledgeable in Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy. I absolutely enjoyed our two training sessions and highly recommend Dr. Sterk’s services and expertise to anyone that has an interest in Hypnosis or Sports Hypnotherapy. Jaime M. Phoenix, AZ
Dr. Sterk helped me relieve anxiety due to my inward reaction toward outside stimulus. In only 2 appointments he has given me the tools to relax and regroup and I have not experienced the problems since! He is understanding and caring and has followed up with me to ask how I have been. I recommend Peak Performance Plus to anyone experiencing anxiety for any reason at all. Larry F. Phoenix, AZ
In my conversations with Sam, I sense the passion he has for helping others. He has such knowledge and understanding of how to help individuals through counseling and hypnosis for many issues. If you are looking to get support using hypnosis for business, sports, etc., I recommend Sam and Miriam Sterk at Peak Performance Plus! Chris H. Phoenix, AZ
Dr. Sterk in conjunction with Peak Performance Plus conducted Wellness, Motivation and Goal Accomplishment Seminars for our bank. They did such an outstanding job with our employees! Mr. John Amodia President of Community National Bank
I’ve taken Dr Sterk’s class and extremely impressed. With very little practice on his techniques, my first 9 holes of golf I played I had 3 birdies in a row, simply by staying relaxed and focusing better. THIS WORKS! Mr Bob Shuler Head Golf Pro at Country Meadows Golf Club
On behalf of the Southern Chapter Board and myself, we would like to thank you for your support and instruction. Your gracious hospitality and professionalism is outstanding. You inspired all of us to feel more motivated and accomplish goals, to improve our concentration, and to cope with stress on a much higher level. We look forward to working together in the future. Mr. Jon Vesper Education Chairman of the S.C.S.W.S.P.G.A. and Director of Golf at the La Paloma Golf Resort Tucson, AZ
I have already substantially increased my income and it’s growing due to Dr. Sterk’s help. I worked very hard to overcome thought processes that were preventing me from succeeding in golf. I am now playing better then ever thanks to Dr. Sterk. Frank O’Connell PGA Teaching Pro
The Sterks’ qualifications were so impressive that we decided to design a class for our own teaching staff. Our staff enjoyed their workshops so much that we asked the Sterks to develop a syllabus/program for all our students at the La-Tourette Gold Course. Mr. Bill Casner Head of Golf Instructions and PGA Pro at LaTourette Golf
Thank you for your involvement in the development of my mental confidence in sport psychology. With your help through seminars, and the mental coaching, I was able to finally pass the players ability test and earn my way into the PGA. Than you for your endless dedication. I am most grateful. Mark Thompson PGA Professional
They (the Sterks) have done work with atheletes in Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Weight Lifting, Basketball, Boxing, Martial Arts, and Baseball. I believe this program could greatly help athletes in any sport. I highly recommend them to the Michigan State Athletic program. Mrs. Kathie Klages Head of Women’s Gymnastics Coach at MSU
In recognition of the pioneering contribution in enlarging the psychological approach to Martial Arts. Joohng Ihk Kim, M.S. Grandmaster at the NY Institute of Martial Arts
The students left these sessions tremendously energized and very highly motivated. As a result, their skills and techniques have improved a great deal because of their positive attitude and high motivational level. Grandmaster Sal Comito Island Martial Arts Center
Thank you for your stimulating seminar on goal setting, motivation, and the business applications. Your presentation was well received by all. Thomas A. Gunn AZ Small Business Association Executive Director