Peak Performance Plus LLC

   Peak Performance Plus helps individuals become successful in attaining their goals using a variety of techniques drawn from Hypnotherapy, Sports Hypnosis, Sport Psychology, Behavior Modification, Cognitive and Positive Psychology.

   The goals will vary from person to person and may include issues of weight loss, overcoming fears and anxieties, smoking cessation, overcoming sales call reluctance, improving business success and enhancing sport performance by controlling one's thoughts and emotions.

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A Synopsis of Peak Performance Plus LLC Programs:

  • Hypnosis to achieve Goals
  • Sport Psychology Consultations and Sports Hypnosis
  • Sports Hypnosis Certification Seminars: Beginning and Advanced
  • The CAP, The Comprehensive Athletic Profile utilized to assess psychological factors associated with successful athletic performance
  • Health Care Advocacy for Beneficiaries, Providers and Facilities
  • Expert Mental Health Witness in Legal matters
  • Case Management and Healthcare Advocacy
  • Counseling Services for Individuals and Families