Are you a senior who might be running out of money and not able to afford the cost of care as you grow older?

According to the Daily Mail, the findings from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, seventy percent of Seniors will require some long-term support at some point in their life but only one out of eight can afford the $11K per month costs. The issue is compounded by the fact that Medicare does not cover such services while Medicaid often has long wait lists for at-home support. 

At the same time, nursing homes are shutting down in droves. Across the board, more than 40 percent of Americans aged 65 and older live alone. For seniors over 80, this figure jumps to nearly 60 percent. But only 14 percent can afford a visit from a home health aide (averaging $30 per hour) along with their housing costs. This is despite the fact the majority of older citizens require ‘assistance with activities of daily living.’ Harvard research assistant Samara Scheckler told Axios‘The cost of daily assistance at home is out of reach for most and so is assisted living, which bundles housing and care together.’

Are you worried about how the healthcare crisis for Seniors is affecting you?

Peak Performance Plus Case Management Care Plan is the answer for you!

Obtain a Peak Performance Plus Case Management Assessment and Care Plan that will prevent the stress of a crisis from a health emergency and give a reasonable and affordable plan for you, your family and caregivers.

 Peak Performance Plus Case Management Assessment and Care Plan provides answers by identifying Senior’s needs and matching them to quality resources that are affordable and allow them to age in place or move to a variety of living arrangements that include supports for daily living. The care plan integrates medical; behavioral; social; financial, legal, spiritual and community resources with insurance coverage and medication reconciliation for all levels of care.

Certified Independent Case Managers are the essential link between the patients, family and caregivers to Assess, Plan, Coordinate, Communicate, Advocate, Educate, Maintain standards of health safety on your behalf through Case Management Assessment and Care Planning.