Medical bills can be a significant financial burden, especially when unexpected health issues arise. However, with a mindful approach and proactive strategies, it’s possible to manage medical expenses and minimize their impact on your finances.

1.     Review and Understand your insurance policy coverage inclusions & exclusions.

2.     Seek In Network Providers and make sure that they accept your coverage to keep costs down.

3.     Research Medical Facilities and Providers to compare costs and coverage.

4.     Utilize Preventive Care

5.     Request itemized bills.

6.     Negotiate and set up payment plans.

7.     Explore drug alternatives; prescription discount cards; alternative sources for purchase & scholarships from manufacturers.

8.     Investigate medical financial assistance programs.

9.     Keep medical records organized.

Navigating the healthcare system is a treacherous business and one can only benefit from having a Certified Healthcare Case Manager educate and advocate for their right to have quality healthcare at affordable cost.

 Get the Right Care; At the Right Time; In the Right Place; To Get the Right Outcome!