Making a decision about seeking professional help is a very personal matter. Over the years, numerous studies have been conducted in Behavioral Health regarding this issue. A major conclusion of the studies has been that individuals who seek professional counseling to overcome personal problems at work, home and school, have improved their careers and earning power substantially and have reduced their visits to their medical healthcare providers for physical ailments.

Seeking professional help for yourself or your family members is an investment in well-being. It is a sign of strength not a sign of weakness when one can admit to him/herself that there’s a problem which is taking control of their life!

Getting professional counseling is the first step to gaining control over your life and the route to feeling happier and healthier.

The following is a questionnaire that Peak Performance Plus LLC has developed to help you identify areas of personal dissatisfaction which you or members of your family have been experiencing.

A YES response to one or more of the statements to follow will indicate that you or your family member could benefit from counseling with a professionally trained therapist.

  1. I have a hard time coping with daily routine & tasks
  2. I have a hard time getting a good night sleep
  3. I am often restless
  4. I find it hard to relax
  5. I have a hard time getting along with my spouse/partner
  6. I have a hard time getting along with my children/family
  7. I am argumentative and moody at work
  8. I am not achieving my potential in my career
  9. I am not achieving my potential in school
  10. I indulge in overuse of alcohol
  11. I indulge in overuse of drugs/prescribed & illicit
  12. I have frequent irrational fears
  13. I frequently cry and feel sad for prolonged periods
  14. I have a hard time controlling my anger & temper
  15. I often feel panicky and frightened
  16. I have bodily aches & pains not medically founded
  17. I have repetitive negative thoughts that don’t go away
  18. I do not feel fulfilled in life