What would you do to improve your business? Are you aware that all of the sports psychology concepts apply to ways you can improve your business? Most of us can acquire a success mindset and increase our earnings.

Sports Psychologists are increasingly utilized both in sports and in business development. At Peak Performance Plus, LLC we look at the following measures:

  • Internal Motivation means your love and passion for your sport and/or business.
  • Imagination and the Uses of Visual Imagery
  • Focus or Concentration
  • Work Ethic
  • Tension Control
  • Goal Setting
  • Mental Toughness
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Ability to Refocus, if it’s lost during competition or your workday
  • Positive Self-Talk

It’s clear that in business you need to develop and pursue your realistic goals. But process goals are even more important than outcome goals. You can benefit from having heightened Focus/Concentration, having daily Positive Self-Talk, and a strong motivation to succeed. The Use of Visual Imagery to mentally review your presentations and your daily tasks is also vital, just as in sports training. Using Visual Imagery helps create and improve one’s Concentration. It’s equally important to be able to control and even lessen one’s daily tension levels. Being mentally tough helps if the market or the economy slows down. Finally, these concepts all contribute to Positive Self-Confidence and improved business outcomes. Our approach is to appreciate your uniqueness and we tailor it to your own needs.

Have you ever wondered how you or someone you know can perform best in his/her sport, music, dance, or business?

The CAP-The Comprehensive Athletic Profile, developed by Sam Sterk, Ph.D., CMPC # 177, is a self-rating instrument that provides essential information about areas associated with achieving your best performance.

The CAP may be purchased and taken online or during the initial office visit. The scores help determine which direction to pursue with the athlete or the business owner. This assessment is vital in helping you achieve your goals. People respond quickly, make remarkable progress, and have improved results in their business and/or sport.