Hypnotherapy is a process of relaxation facilitated by a Certified Hypnotherapist. The first step involves an “Induction” to achieve a state of relaxation. This is followed by a method to increase relaxation which is called “Deepening.” The hypnotherapist then offers “Interventions” in the form of suggestions, uses of visual imagery, stop-thought techniques and reframing.

Research has shown that anxious individuals may have a shortened life span because Anxiety can affect one’s cardio-vascular system, one’s endocrine system and can negatively affect sleep. The same research has shown that stress can reduce one’s immune system to a point where one may be more easily susceptible to disease. Our current pandemic crisis can affect one’s Anxiety level. The more anxious a person becomes, the more vulnerable one’s immunity system is to attacks by viruses or bacteria.

What can be done to lessen or even eliminate Anxiety? The answer is Hypnotherapy. Conducting Hypnotherapy sessions for over forty years, Dr. Sterk teaches his clients to also do Self-Hypnosis which only takes a few minutes a day in the privacy of their own home or office. The Hypnosis techniques are extremely self-empowering to clients who have previously felt helpless and hopeless.

You need not feel anxious or helpless as help is available!